About Me

Hello! I am a scientist, community and union organizer, and writer.

I am currently an assistant professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at University of Colorado Boulder in the Fall of 2021, and a member of UCW Colorado. Here is the website for my lab at CU, the Feminist Lenses for Animal Interaction Research (F.L.A.I.R.) Lab!

Photo: Kayleigh McCollum

Previously my academic website, these pages are now home to my writing. I write about social justice, the scientific process, feelings, mental health, organizing, our shared social fabric, and more. I also post recipes :D. Click on the blog page for the latest, but here’s some work I’m proud of to get you started:

Doing the Work: an ongoing series on doing the work of cultural change towards equity and justice, in academia and beyond (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4).

Maintaining Mental Wellness: an ongoing series on the challenges and experience of maintaining mental wellbeing as an academic (Parts 1, 2, and 3; How to Find a Therapist)

Workshops: I have designed workshops to begin conversations in academic departments about the representation and inclusion of underrepresented minorities. Details can be found at these links (1, 2), and please let me know if you adapt these for use in your department!

Science Communication: aside from this blog, in which I very rarely write about science itself, my lizard-related blogging efforts can be found at Anole Annals. I also wrote a monthly natural history column, Creature Feature, for The Hindu’s BL Ink.

Thanks to the indomitable Martha Muñoz, for the phrase “Dismantle by Building Differently”.

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  1. Read your column on Bee-Eaters in B’link (Hindu). Liked it a lot. I am an amateur bird watcher from Nagpur. Keep me posted about your work.


    1. Thanks for reading, and for your comment! Take a look at the blog page if you would like to see other pieces for BLink, as well as my other writing.

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