One year’s worth of references for Creature Feature

I’ve gotten into the bad habit of not posting links to the scientific publications upon which my Creature Feature columns are based. Unfortunately, the length and format of the column are incompatible with including references in the pieces themselves, but I’ve been meaning to post links on my blog. My only new year’s resolution is to start sharing these links, so here’s everything for last year! Many of these links are pay-walled; email me if you want a PDF of anything in particular.

1. Golden Orb Web Spiders:

2. Antlions and Helmeted basilisks:

3. Herons:

4. Dung Beetles

5. Painted Grasshoppers:

6. Bee-eaters:

7. Dragonflies:

8. Jirds:

9. Bagworms:

10. Bulbuls:

11. Cicadas:

  • Anything you may want to know about cicada endothermy you will find here

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