Creature Feature XIV: Vasaka and Heliconia

Oops, forgot to post last month’s Creature Feature, on pollination syndromes in an Old World and a New World plant. Here it is!

This piece is based primarily on the following papers:

Shivanna (2009). Pollination biology, breeding system, and reproductive success of Adhatoda vasica, an important medicinal plant. Current Science 96: 408-412.

Temeles et al. (2000). Evidence for ecological causation of sexual dimorphism in a hummingbird. Science 289: 441-443. 

Also, many thanks to my colleague from college, Geoffrey Giller, for contributing a photograph to the piece! Go follow him on Twitter @GeoffreyGiller and check out his work as a science writer and photographer at his website.

Vasaka Flower Ambika Kamath

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