Two Writing Projects

With the imminent dissolution of Twitter, I’m mostly moving my social media efforts to both Instagram and this very blog! I’ll do my best to cross-post between the two, collecting these more instagram-like posts under the “Little Thoughts” category. Here’s my first post on this new account, @ask.the.antlions.

I’m about to embark, at full speed, on two writing journeys, and I hope you’ll join me for the ride. The first project is more academic (but nonetheless very accessible!), in which we reimagine the science of animal behavior by reminding ourselves not only that scientists are human but also that humans are animals too. The second project melds the personal, the political and the natural to trace the trajectory from individualism to collectivity, a transformation that I believe we—each of us, all of us—is in need of, and that we need to do both on our own and together.

Here, I’ll share snippets of writing, images, ideas-in-formation, process notes and more 🙂 In time, I hope you’ll find something here that moves you. 

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